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Posted by: JoeBidawid Mar 24 2005, 02:57 PM

I am down in the ABC Islands for a couple of weeks before our season kicks off. A lot of the PKRA world cup pro are here training for the first event taking place in near-by Margarita Island on April 12. I am hanging with Naish's Leshi Miller and North's Sky Solback and Jaimie Herriz. Yesterday was the first day and everyone was wound up on 10m in 30knots!! From watching everyone yesterday, it appears that big air is back, i will keep you posted with updates.

Joe Bidawid

Posted by: JoeBidawid Mar 29 2005, 12:47 PM

Thus far, it's overpowering 10m conditions everyday! lots of riders losing kites trying ridiculous tricks and relaunching efortlessly with the 5th line. All the pros are riding with the 5th line, even the ones that do not have it on their stock bar have retrofitted.

The most riducolus thing is a one handed unhooked kiteloop, watching some of the riders (Jaimie Herraz, Leshi Miller, etc..) you would think it was a war zone, lots of brutal crashes and limping going on. I usually ride when the pros are not out and than grap a sandwitch and a cold drink and watch the show, usually toward sunset. As I noted before, big air is definitly back.

Joe Bidawid

Posted by: JoeBidawid Apr 9 2005, 02:41 PM

Another week before heading home, stoked to hear you guys are riding! three days before the 1st world cup down here, some young unknowns and some young well knowns are batteling it out. The guys training down here have lots of wind (20-30 knots every day), the ones that are arriving from places like australia, south africa, hawaii are complaining of lack of wind the last few weeks. Should be fun. Will try to give you guys updates on the contest. I never thought I would say this, but i am longing for my 16! it's relentless winds here, fully on 10m everyday. Looking forward to Metro, Belle and M-Bay!!

Joe Bidawid

Posted by: JoeBidawid Apr 15 2005, 12:55 PM

The contest started yesterday with Jaime Herraiz from North winning the long distance race. Today, the preliminary round was underway, lots of young kids pulling off some really amazing tricks, young breed of Naish riders are notable. A young kid by the name of Madison, probely 14 looks 12 did the most tweaked triple s-bend to blind i have ever seen and was really fun to watch, i think he was on a 4 or 6 m torch. The wind is ridiculas here, 20-30 everyday! the most impressive rider in the prelims was Isreali Naish rider Leshi Miller, going way to big and landing way to hot and sticking everything. Good vibes and lots of wind forecasted here for few days, should be fun.


Posted by: JoeBidawid Apr 15 2005, 06:01 PM

Last year's world champion Aaron Hadlow is flawless and had won the single elimination portion, Jermie Eloy. Eitiene Lhote and Ruben Lenten who trained all winter in south africa with Hadlow. Some of the most impresive stylish riders did not advance due to not sticking landings. It looks like Hadlow is in the driver seat.

Posted by: Steve Martin Apr 15 2005, 10:44 PM

I'd love to see Aaron or another top rider at the competition in Grand Haven, but I assume it won't happen. Andy Hurdman is an excellent rider, but I assume Aaron is at another level above Andy.

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