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Posted by: Tim Blanchard Dec 26 2004, 10:49 PM

Here are pics of the floodway today. I was alone so got these shots after a sick 2 hour session in 6-10knots of NW wind. This was enough to pull me up the 40 ft high side of the floodway. The snow is 1-3 feet deep due to the reeds catching the snow in the field and is very powdery for soft landings. The spot is for advance riders only and takes a while to get the hang of going up the steep slopes and ripping down at mach speed without catching your nose in the reeds and powder.

Here are pics of the floodway. This place has some serious sick video potential!


Tim Blanchard

Posted by: KyleK Dec 28 2004, 12:10 PM

Timmy - that is incredible. Cant wait to get there! I can ride Thursday, probably have to go further north if it warms up though. How will it work on a South?

Posted by: surfer66ca2 Jan 1 2005, 12:33 PM

Hey Tim, wherre is the infamous floodway? I just sold my older kite to a couple of guys from Watford area...never kited before but are so pumped after they saw you in their buddies field. How much would you charge to give them both some beginner lessons in snow? Hope to get out with you soon myself.....when the snow comes back!
Later ,Jason

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