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Posted by: KyleK Oct 16 2004, 06:39 PM

This is a fantastic spot on SW, W, and NW. Nearly the entire bay is less than 4 feet deep and stays relatively calm - maybe 15'' chop when its really blowing. The rigging area is a grass field within a culdesac. It can be a good idea to launch in the water here as the shore has a 15 foot wide rocky retaining wall which can be uncomfortable to walk over, and also some power lines that can be intimidating. There is plenty of glassy water spots created by abundant marsh grass around the bay but you've got to be able to get upwind to get at it.

Getting there: get to Algonac, MI and look for signs for the Harsens Island Ferry (not to be confused with Walpole Ferry Real Diehl) on the west end of town on HWY 29. $5 covers both there and back. Once you get off turn left immediately and follow the winding road for about 10+ minutes. Look out for turtles and muskamoots crossing the road. You wont miss the culdesac launch.

Posted by: KyleK Oct 7 2005, 06:21 PM

A few things to be aware of at Harsens:

Parking has been tolerated in recent weeks both weekdays and weekends. Just be courteous to all Authorities and island residents.

Northerlies are not fantastic and are very gusty and onshore here. Do yourself a favor if you're at all concerned with avoiding bad situations and launch out in the water.

The water level is down quite a bit. Got to watch riding immediately offshore to the west of the launch, very shallow here and some riders have bottomed out recently. Also a rockpile cross or something created by some wretch to keep the eyes on.

The cove-corner area just S of the launch - this lil spot is littered with broken glass, broken ceramic, wooden posts, and other unknown menaces. We ride in there alot and dont have any trouble but when you walk around in the calm clear water you can see the buggers. When the glassy waves are peeling in clean and ramping up this is one of my favorite spots to throw tricks. Yesterday I put my hand down and nearly got some type of metal wire or fence stuck under my fingernail. Also know that the wooden posts extend much further north towards the launch than you can see, lurking just below the water.

SMartin, Surge, Jeff Hunt, and others have all spent downtime this season picking glass and clearing rocks out of the walk out and main riding area. If you're getting skunked at the 'Moot take a walk and make this world a better place.

Not being an alarmist, just want everybody to have the facts.

Have Fun, Ride Safe - KK

Posted by: KyleK Oct 16 2005, 07:54 PM

Big thanks to Main Man Ricky. Showed up with sack after sack of pea gravel yesterday and proceeded to make a nice walk way over the rocks and into the water where the mat was. Huge improvement. Thanks Ricky.

IF you think about it grab a few bags sometime and dumpem making a wider, nicer walk.

Posted by: DrewCiora Oct 16 2005, 09:41 PM

The new pea gravel entrance to the water is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Thanks Ricky for the hard work. I will throw a few bags in my car next time I'm headed to HI. Let's keep it sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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