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Posted by: skysurfr Mar 12 2004, 10:45 PM

Corpus Christi Report

10 March 2004

We have been in Corpus three days and have had nice wind each day.

On the first afternoon, Tim G. and I rode just north of the Padre Island Causeway in front of the Fish Restaurants. The wind was steady in the 16M range. We had a nice session getting our muscles stretched out and our gear tweaked. The water was a little shallow at anywhere between 6 inches and three feet. We ended the day on the ocean side, but the wind was fading and we were too, after our 6:45 am departure from Chicago.

The next morning, Skip, Barry, and Trip arrived from Michigan. Off we headed to find wind just after lunch. By 1 pm we were cranking on the Packery Channel. This is a fantastic smooth water spot. The wind blew all day in the 12-16M range and everyone had a blast. The water is so smooth that you sometimes can’t believe it! This was the day for the Michigan crew to tweak their new gear and get it wet. Tim, after seeing the heel fin on my new Naish TT 128 , got out the drill and added one to his TOG Custom! Like a locomotive, he was railing upwind!

We finished the day with a few cool ones and a whole bunch of food!

Today, day 3, we all headed back to the Packery Channel, and this time we were tuned into the place. Skip found the sweet spot in his new Cabrinah kites, Trip was RIPPING upwind like a bullet, and Barry got his Wippika all dialed in. Tim of course on the new heel fin, was making long runs across the bay until he was almost out of sight! I can’t say enough good about my new gear. I was riding the Naish V4 16M kite and it was fantastic. It has a great blend of stability and power. The new TT 128 is FANTASTIC. Although I ride for Naish, I haven’t been a huge fan of the boards. This one rocks! I was a little skeptical of a board with a heel fin. I haven’t noticed it at all, except that it allows you to rip upwind, plane up early, gives you great pop and it holds the 16M at full power with no problem! The shortness of the 128 allows you to make the flips and rolls that longer boards might not make. I also have all my gear in the trunk of the car! BONUS! After a 4 hour session, we packed up at 6:15 in the evening.

One odd thing, we were the only ones on the water! The Midwest Crew had the PAckery Channel to ourselves for both days! The weather has been cool by local standards, 70 degrees. It seems the local guys went somewhere else or stayed inside. This was a welcome difference to the DR, where there were upwards of 80 kites on the water at once!

That’s all for now… it’s time for a few Bohemia’s and a pile of Mexican food!

Mike Urban
Naish Midwest Team.

Posted by: bigair Mar 13 2004, 11:30 AM


Thanks for the great updates. Keep them coming as we are riding vicariously through you guys...there is snow on the ground here. Say hi to Trip, Barry, and Skip!

Brad Knoth

Posted by: JoeBidawid Mar 15 2004, 02:07 PM


Thanks for ther great update, keep them coming and say hi to Skip, Tim
and Ryan.


Nice link for the videos and great work, keep us up to date on new ones.

Joe Bidawid

Posted by: back from the south Mar 19 2004, 10:27 AM

First day back from the Corpus trip. The weather was great - kited in a shorty or trunks the whole week. The locals were great and would take the time to show you the beach layout. We took a risk one day and road tripped to SPI to find wind. We found wind - lots of it. The locals @ SPI kite a place called the 'flats' on the bay side when the wind is east. It was dead offshore and butter smooth flying 14 meter kites. Cliff Stone from the local shop gave us great directions to find the launch.

The great part was having Tim and Mike around that had the inside scoop on the local launches and conditions at Corpus. Thanks again you guys for letting us tag along.


Posted by: JoeBidawid Mar 23 2004, 10:53 AM

I wish I would have have gone with you guys. It sounds like it was a great trip. This is one of the best areas in the country to learn to kiteboard
or to advance your skills in warm and shallow water.

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