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Posted by: elkusbry May 13 2006, 03:13 PM

below is a rather lenthy overview of our trip to hatteras. all i can say is it was a total blast. id really like to especially thank kyle for all his help during the week it really helped. so take a small gander at our week it was a blast. We meet team riders, rode sunset sessions and chilled it at beach happy read more about it below...

Day 1
13.5 hour drive arrived around 10. Tom and I went to get out his stitches, while kyle and drew went to kitty hawk kiting to find out where to ride. We meet up with them a few minutes later. There we went kitty hawk kitting. There we found out that we should go ride solvo. We also meet mike there and the kite shop. Mike is a fellow MI rider. Mike is a very nice guy and we all enjoyed his company out on the water. He has a house down in OBX and we randomly bumped into him. There was one kiter there when we got there and the wind was not to strong he was on a 18. The wind slowly picked up. So we unpacked and launched the kites. Tom and I threw up our 13 and 12s while kyle and drew threw up larger kites, and mike threw up his 12 Best hybrid. They did much better than we did. I was just too under powered to really get riding. After I was done body dragging around for a little we meet Brandon. He is also a MI rider from grand rapids. After the session we booked it to the rental place to pick up our keys with exactly 2 minutes to spare before they closed. We picked up the keys to “beach happy” our house for the week. We unpacked a little and ordered pizzas from Toppers. Which was a great call that pizza was terrific. We stopped and grabed some food and drinks at the grocery store before we picked up the pizza. After dinner we chilled out in the hot tub on the second deck of beach happy over looking the ocean side. Then we quickly called it a night after that.

Day 2

Started the morning off around 9 and had some great eggs, potatoes and toast. We packed up early to go ride the dirt roads off NW winds. It was my first down winder that day. The first of two down winders started at the 3rd dirt rode and ended at the first. Which is about 1.5 miles of coast line. I had a little trouble for about 2/3rds of the run, but towards the end I was really starting to rock it. I was obviously the first one to the beach were I really nice guy from New York helped me bring in my kite and told us of a better place to launch for our next down winder. He offered me a ride back up the beach but I waited for the rest of the guys to finish. I wound up taking a 30-45 minute nap on my kite waiting for them to arrive. We were all amped to get back on the water quick so kyle and tom went to go get the truck and drew and I packed up the kites. We drove past the 3rd dirt road to our launching spot. This down winder was amazing it was 2.5 miles of coast line where I really got to dial in my riding. I really got everything working most of my turns and toe riding and really being able to stay up wind. It was nothing short of the best ride ever. To add to that I was suppose to get to the beach to film everyone as they came close to the landing, the only problem was was that I was having too much fun out there I didn’t want to come in. I was the second to last to land. This became a recurring problem; hence we really have no footage for a video. Needless to say I can finally ride at the level I wanted to. We tried for a third down winder but I caught the last blow of wind. I edged out heal side trying out drew north board and the wind just left. So I got to body drag back to shore and had a nice almost mile walk back up the shore with all of my crap. We packed up and headed back to beach happy to have a couple drinks, hot tub it and change clothes. We headed out to find some food. we quickly found out it was a locals only restaurant, but you know what we really didn’t care, we all just had 2 amazing rides. They really did have some good food though. We ate and played trivial pursuit, then went back to beach happy for some more drinks, hot tub and movies.

Day 3

Started the morning off about the same time with eggs potatoes wraps and screwdrivers by master chef drew. There was not a blade of grass moving when we got up. So we just hung out around beach happy. We went down the beach and threw the Frisbee and just chilled out. 3:30 rolled around and the wind started blowing. We rode the opposite down winder from the first dirt road to the chimmy chungas on the S winds. I got to put up a 16 vegas and we all got out there. It was just nuking out there we were all totally powered. Tom finally hit his back roll and I launched my kite for the first time and started playing around with wake style jumps. That was probably our longest down winder. The sun was going down in the sky as we packed up the gear from the landing spot. We drove back down to the first dirt rode. Tom and I decided to go out and ride a sunset session. Kyle and drew hung out on the beach to watch us down wind. This down winder I will never forget. Bot of us just sore as can be just cruised back and forth down the same run as last. The sun was setting to left and the moon was full in front of a perfectly blue sky to my right, and all on calm water. Tom and I were out there completely alone except for a pair of windsurfers. We got down to the 2nd dirt road where there were a bunch of people watching the sunset including kyle and drew. Tom came by them first and launched his kite jumping about 10 feet and biffed it hard and everyone clapped. I came in powered and gave them a little method (the only thing I could do at the time) we kept on riding down wind as the sun quickly approached the horizon. Tom was first and I was right be hind him just crusing into the gleam of the sun. It became dark rather quickly so we decided to land at the 3rd dirt road. We packed up the gear in the moonlight and waked the quarter mile down a winding sandy off road to the main road. Where kyle and drew drove up as we got to the road with cold ones waiting for us. A session neither of us will ever forget.

Day 4

Woke up around 9:30. We were suppose to meet up with the North kiteboardign guys and some others at kiting hatteras, and learned there was no wind until 12. So we drove south to find food. We pulled in to this little diner. Randomly the North kiting guys were chilling eating breakfast at the table next to us. We ate and left to get back to beach happy. We packed up our gear and headed to go do a mini down winder from the pier to beach happy when we got the call to meet across from kite point for a ocean session down winder. We were the first to beach since we were all packed up any ways. We got out there and it was nuking! I put up my 13m and even completely depowered was getting dragged around a bit. So we all took down our kites and tried it again with smaller kite. The rest of the guys showed up then. As soon as we had all the lines connected the lines the wind died nearly completel, and they were calling for 20-30s. We were all like great. So we waited and the wind came again. John, one of the North team riders went out first with a 9m and a surfboard and was rocking. John was a super cool guy I got to talk to him a bit and could not have been any nicer or down to earth. Sky the other team rider went out shortly after with a 9m and a twin. He just pounded through the waves steezly making his way past the break. Approaching the last swell set he went HUGE with a big kitelooooooooop back roll, we think, whatever it was it brew us all way. The rest of us followed shortly after. I made it out pasted the break and the wind once again left us. So I some how made it back to shore and walked half mile back to the van. We packed up and headed back to beach happy for food. We went out to grab some grub at a bar and went back to beach happy once again to chill out and get a good nights sleep for the long drive home.

Day 5

It is beautiful day here about 80 and sunny but no wind. Since there was no wind this morning we cleaned all the gear and the cars and packed everything back up for the trip home. We are about 2 hours into our drive back to MI.[img][/img][img][/img]

Posted by: KyleK May 13 2006, 07:55 PM

Excellent and recap of an instant classic. Once again the outer bankx did not disappoint - lots of goood riding and great company. Fun on the flats, fun in the waves, and inspirational rapid progression of the Spartan crew. After just finishing finals Tom and Bryan hit the water with vengance.

If youre ever gonna stay in Avon, you gotta stay at Beach Happy. And take some Quasimoto. And look out for the Jackalope comin up on ya.

Hope to ride wit'chall again soon!

Posted by: PBR May 16 2006, 09:12 AM

Best ending to a finals week ever. Thanks to all the guys for all the pointers and the perfect company for a great week. As for Beach Happy, def ask for it by name next time anyone goes.

Posted by: elkusbry May 23 2006, 06:06 PM

The video is done. a small documentary of our trip to the OBX the link here will work until turtle uploads it on here. (about 5.5mb)

requires quicktime 7 or a H.264 codec the player and codec are free to download at



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