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Posted by: kedow Apr 18 2006, 11:40 PM

Hey all,

Was in Bonaire last week for as much kiting as possible.

The guys running the show down there are Roan and Stephan at Bonaire Kiteboarding. Their site is a good place to check out the locations to kite on the island etc.

I kited,

Klien Bonaire, side shore riding launching on a beach. Water taxi will take you out to the island. You want either a support boat or stay pretty close to shore as the east, south east wind could blow you out to sea if you had a problem getting back to the beach.

Lac Cai, launching just outside the reef, a spot for great surf riding. Waves were breaking 3-4 feet at the reef on a 15 knot breeze. Further upwind of the reef the waves were 4-6 feet high, rollers like the ones at Kettle Point on a good day. There is a spot right at the mouth of the bay where the wave sets were about 3 feet high 30 feet apart, a great launch pad! I got a first hand education regarding reef geology when I rode the reef end to end (about two miles), couldn't get out of the shore break and got worked over the reef, something I will pass on next time! Fortunately all that got hurt was my pride and my board no longer looks new.

Lac Bay, one of the best kiteboarding spots I have seen is closed to all kiteboarding, windsurfing only!!!! Talking to the locals it seems that one of the guys at the local windsurfing shop is friends with a local politician, need I say more.

Atlantis, where Roan and Stephan have their site set up is truly awesome for powered up flat water riding. The depth drops off immediately to about four feet. The wind is usually directly off shore.
The guys have a couple of boats to pick you up for $10U.S. if you can't get back to shore. They run a well organized operation. They seemed particularly adept and enthusiastic about giving lessons to KLM flight attendants.

The coolest moment of the trip came when I was eating lunch at Atlantis and a pod of about 10 dolphins swam by about 100 feet off shore jumping out of the water all the way down the beach. Roan and Stephan say that if your lucky enough to be riding when they come by they will swim along side, jump in front of you etc, what a total freakout!

The people on the island were great, didn't really have any security concerns.

My only complaint was....the wind. It would come up to about 13-15 kts
while it would have been nice to have a few more knots. Out of seven days, I kited the first four as the wind totally shut down for the last three. I understand that this kind of lull is unusual for Bonaire.

Tons of people diving all over the island. Rented a snorkel gear to see what all the fuss was about and was truly amazed at the fish on the numerous coral reefs. Every shape, color and size.

Thanks to Joe B for the recommendation.

All in all a great trip, give it a go if you get the chance.



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