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Posted by: Turtle Mar 1 2008, 02:14 PM

Our friends in Ohio just recently discovered the ultimate riding spot on Lake Erie in Sandusky Bay. Plans are in motion for the 1st Annual Ohio Kite Rave on May 9-11, 2008. More details to follow at

Sandusky is the ultimate destination with Cedar Point as a perfect No Wind Activity. For families you have Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari within just a couple of miles. Not counting Cedar Point's campground, lake view cottages and hotel. I am researching cabin rentals on the Sandusky Bay for large groups so stay tuned. There are several waterfront hotels with boat wells and bars that might be willing to accommodate us as a group.

The Sandbar is only accessible by boat, so if anyone has a small craft that they can bring to help out it would be great. PM me if you will be bringing a Jet Ski or Boat so I can set you up with accommodations for the vessel also. Hoping to have the Sea Turtle in Ohio for the big event with all the bells and whistles of the ultimate kite boat. I already have several Kite Manufacturers interested in sponsoring vessels for signage privileges in exchange for gas.

Joel Hageman, Jerry Chalk and Luke Wark are on the planning committee, so feel free to give us any and all suggestions on what to do, what you liked from other events, etc.

This is a short list of planned activities

Manufacturer Demos all weekend - Liquid Force, Eclipse, Ocean Rodeo, Slingshot, Naish and North will all have new demo products for everyone to check out. Many others will also be on hand and I will update the list.

Free Ride Event with no competition - Manufacturers will be sponsoring awards for things like best crash, biggest air, best trick, biggest balls award, etc. etc. All voted on by all the riders at the event.

The RAVE - Super Double Secret Invitation only party at an undisclosed location somewheres in Sandusky.

Swag, Swag & more Swag - Manufacturers will be donating all kinds of stuff to raffle off at the RAVE Party

No WIND Activities - Cedar Point, Stand up Paddle Boards, Wake Kite, Wakeboarding & Tubing to name a few.

The website will be up soon to register and keep you up to date on planned activities.

If you are a shop or manufacturer and you want to get involved give me a call at 586-201-4603 or drop me and email at


Posted by: airforce86 Mar 1 2008, 06:08 PM

I understand that batman has a bat boat and a bat jet and a bat chopper but there all in the repair shop and if a spot could be reserved for him im sure that would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: suckinseawater_merged Mar 1 2008, 07:01 PM

I officially schmoozed a buddy with a 6 seat Beachcraft into flying a cpl of hrs of photo shooting time if we pay the fuel bill theres an airstrip within a few miles he can load the photographers up at and shoot some pics of all of us on the water it should be a good trip with the point in the back ground . Its a high wing plane and can be flown with the door open if you have any soon to be exes that want a plane ride.

Posted by: Luke War Mar 2 2008, 03:07 AM

Tubing huh?

If there's gonna be extreme tubing than Im in for if I wouldn't be otherwise! tongue.gif

Posted by: FellowCountryMan Mar 2 2008, 07:56 AM

The area looks killer from Google Earth, is the spit the only place to ride from? The ponds on the other side of the beach at the State Park look like they may offer some killer flatwater on a N.

I should be able to bring my boat but do have concerns of being in Lk Erie with it on a windy day if I have to be outside of the protected bay.

Bring on the water sessions.

Posted by: Turtle Mar 2 2008, 09:22 AM

QUOTE(Luke War @ Mar 2 2008, 03:07 AM) *
Tubing huh?

If there's gonna be extreme tubing than I'm in for if I wouldn't be otherwise! tongue.gif

Tough Crowd!

Tubing was for the offspring, but we could find one of those death kite tubes to spice it up.

Posted by: Turtle Mar 9 2008, 12:24 PM

The South Beach Resort on Sandusky Bay has been chosen as home base for lodging and the "Rave" after party. This resort sprawls 8 acres of Sandusky Bay lake front and is perfectly positioned close to the sandbar. South Beach Resort has a four story 55 room hotel, 18 cottages, on-site marina, boat launch, sand volleyball courts and an outdoor pool. Hotel rooms range from $149 per night that sleep four to Cottage Villas that sleep 10 for $480 per night and everything in between. When calling to make reservations be sure to mention you are with the "Regatta" to get the discounted room rates. Marina slips for boats will be at no charge if you are staying at the resort. Make reservations early, we expect the resort to sell out.
South Beach Resort
8620 East Bayshore Road
Marblehead, OH 43440

(419) 798-4900

Rental Cottages - pictures and details

Posted by: Turtle Apr 17 2008, 01:02 PM

Only 21 Days until the Ohio Kite Rave!

Don't forget to register you are attending at the event site and make your reservations at the South Beach Resort before they sell out.

We have confirmed Manufacturer's Representatives from Liquid Force, Cabrinha, Slingshot and Eclipse Kiteboarding will be on hand to do demos on their 2008 product lineup.

Among the Great Lakes Shops attending will be Mackinaw Kite, Great Lakes Kiteboarding, Red Belly Boardshop, Detroit Kiteboarding and Myers Kitesurfing. All will be available to show you their lineup of manufacturers, products and services.

The "Rave" Beach Party is set for Saturday night May 10, 2008. The entertainment for the party is Travis Kelly's (fellow Kiteboarder) band Archetype. Check out their MySpace page at

Our list of donated items for the Schwag Raffle is quite extensive. Items include kites, boards, shirts, hats and much much more! The Extreme Hotel has generously donated a complimentary stay at their location in the Dominican Republic.

Our Awards Ceremony which is based on popular vote by those attending will give recognition in the following areas; Best Performance, Crowd Favorite, Big Balls Award, Best Trick, Big Air, Best Wipeout and the Stoked Award.

If you are bringing a boat be sure to get in touch with me. Many of the manufacturers have donated funds for boat owners who will shuttle passengers out to the sandbar.

I will see you in Sandusky very soon!


Posted by: Turtle Apr 24 2008, 09:59 AM

Updates 4/24/2008

REGISTER if your coming PLEASE, need a head count for the party at

Lite Wave Dave is flying in from California for the Ohio Kite Rave to demo his 2008 lineup of Lite Wave Kiteboards and Globe Kites (GK). He is also donating some cool stuff for our raffle. If anyone wants to schedule a demo drop me a PM.

Ocean Rodeo donated a 2008 Session Harness to the raffle also.

More to come soon!


Posted by: biohorn Apr 30 2008, 04:10 PM

Will be there May 10 in the a.m.!!!


Posted by: ORK May 3 2008, 12:12 PM

Just received some raffle schwag from the LF fam, it's the new stylish Fall 08 apparel including T's, hoodies, boardshorts, and misc. promo items. If you're a fan of ANY of the surf brands you're going to love this stuff! Jahmi bag of doughnuts sports some of the boardies. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Posted by: Turtle May 6 2008, 10:07 AM

New sponsors have been added just this morning;

MONSTER - Has donated 20 cases of mixed monster beverage. Who's your daddy!

Freak Dog Kites - Is sending their manufacturers rep from KY with all their 2008 lineup and has also donated swag and product for our raffle. Thanks Big D (Downriver Dan)

Wes Wind Kiteboarding - A new Local Dealer of FlySurfer Kites has sponsored a KEG of Beer. Looks like I will get the most out of this one since I am picking it up and going on Thursday. While supplies last, thanks Jontan!

Detroit Kiteboarding - Has sponsored breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning not continental breakfast, but Detroit Breakfast. Coffee and Bagels, baby!

Anyone else want some recognition at the Ohio Kite Rave, give me a call at


Posted by: BizB May 6 2008, 11:32 AM

Is there a schedule of "events" - like when is the raffle? - and a specific meeting place in the morning on Fri/Sat/Sun?

Posted by: Turtle May 6 2008, 12:27 PM

Working on it, I will post it in a few and email it to everyone that is registered.


Posted by: Jontan May 6 2008, 06:13 PM

I love beer

Posted by: Turtle May 6 2008, 07:42 PM

Johntan = WesWind Kiteboarding

Beer = Happy

Thanks for the beer donation, you have just made 75-100 new friends.


Posted by: Turtle May 8 2008, 09:47 AM

Monster Energy Drinks just signed on as the major sponsor of the Ohio Kite Rave. They have given me some cool hoodies, hockey Jerseys, hats and best of all 20 cases of mixed beverages for our raffle.

Here is the official Event Ballot for the awards being presented. I emailed it to all of the registered guests on the official website. If you did not register you won't get the on-site updates, so please do its free. Be sure to enter your phone number so if anything changes I can easily text everyone. No need to print it out I will have them on site to fill out. It's just an FYI

 OKR_Ballot_Monster_Final.pdf ( 220.03K ) : 10

I am heading to Sandusky now and will send everyone the Event Schedule, Weather Update, Directions and Riding Spots Information for FRI, Sat & Sun before 5pm.

About 4-5 of us will be at the South Beach Resort drinking WesWind's keg if you want to join us.


Posted by: BizB May 8 2008, 09:58 PM

Did I miss something? Perhaps I clicked "No" to email me with event updates? I'm not seeing the promised info.

Posted by: Turtle May 9 2008, 12:31 AM

Sorry guys for the late update, Luke and I scored a sweet session at East Harbor State Park from 6:30 until dark. If no one gets up here I have the Monser balls award wrapped up.

Here is the event summary'

 OKR_Event_Schedule.pdf ( 47.82K ) : 22

Posted by: Turtle May 9 2008, 08:19 AM

Friday Update 9am

Beer will be arriving at 6pm. I guess they do not sell keg beer in Ohio, what's up with! I have to go to MI to get it.

When arriving at the South beach Resort park in the lot and walk down to Cottage 1. Don't drive down, please. Make yourself at home if we are not home.

Party at Cabin 1 starts at 6pm

Wind ENE - NE

Our boat shuttles have not shown up yet, so riding will be from land. East Harbor is only 10 min from the Resort.

**** Not a beginner friendly area so please know your skill level. The beach is not real deep, but the water is shallow for a ways out. Await assistance to land your kite to avoid any problems. Nice spot to ride, just a cramped launch ****

East Harbor State Park
1169 North Buck Road
Lakeside-Marblehead, OH 43440

Here is a link to direction to the State Park,+OH+43440&fb=1&geocode=11808113377436160940,41.538611,-82.820953&oi=manybox&ct=16&cd=1&resnum=1

From the South Beach Resort; Turn Left out of the parking lot, right on S Quarry Rd, Left on OH 163 and Right onto OH 269

Here are the 3 buoy links in the Marblehead Area

We have Saul (OH), Bill from Eclispe, Mark (OH), Jerry (Epic) and myself riding.

Lost or need a hug call John 586-201-4603 or Jerry 440-476-9271


Posted by: TPink May 9 2008, 09:31 AM

Will you guys be at East harbor tomorrow?

Bunch of cleve guys should be heading up early sat morning.

Posted by: suckinseawater_merged May 9 2008, 05:03 PM

cl pics from today

Posted by: suckinseawater_merged May 9 2008, 05:08 PM


Posted by: purewind07 May 9 2008, 10:08 PM

Ill be heading up saturday morning very early like 5am or so.
ill be going to the park to see if anyone is there when i arrive around 9ish

what if noone is there where should i head?
turtle i might head to your cabin to wake you guys all up.

Posted by: BizB May 10 2008, 09:28 AM

There really wasn't anything worth keeping on that video that I captured. Lots of lawn mowing and if there were any tricks, you couldn't see them because almost everything was thrown way down past the southern most pile of rocks (there's a name for those, I just can't think of it).

Posted by: suckinseawater_merged May 10 2008, 06:40 PM



Posted by: joel May 11 2008, 08:46 PM

The rave went down this weekend. Big ups for to turtle and the organizers for making it happen and the crew who made the trip in. The location was primo right on the water. Everyone started to roll in on Friday to meet up with the keg of beer.

Saturday was a great day in the sun checking out all the latest and greatest gear. Joe G swung in with a wakeboard boat and got a crew out riding some butter flat water.

Today the wind came in and the guys that stuck around got a pretty sick session out at East Harbor State Park. It was cold and rainy but the wind was cranking.

A big thanks to Bill and Terry for pumping and demoing the new Eclipse kites today. Those guys worked their asses off in the cold rain to make sure everyone got to try the new gear. It was really awesome of them to skip riding themselves!!!

Posted by: biohorn May 12 2008, 07:31 AM

Nice to meet you guys.

By the way did any of you find an REI water bottle in a carrrier? I left it Saturday p.m.

Thanks for the planning Turtle! Looking forward to the next event.

Posted by: biohorn May 12 2008, 07:31 AM

Nice to meet you guys.

By the way did any of you find an REI water bottle in a carrrier? I left it Saturday p.m.

Thanks for the planning Turtle! Looking forward to the next event.

Posted by: biohorn May 12 2008, 07:31 AM

Nice to meet you guys.

By the way did any of you find an REI water bottle in a carrrier? I left it Saturday p.m.

Thanks for the planning Turtle! Looking forward to the next event.

Posted by: biohorn May 12 2008, 07:31 AM

Nice to meet you guys.

By the way did any of you find an REI water bottle in a carrrier? I left it Saturday p.m.

Thanks for the planning Turtle! Looking forward to the next event.

Posted by: Turtle May 12 2008, 09:10 AM

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures from this weekend's Ohio Kite Rave. Go to the Event Homepage and click on the Photo Gallery.

We rode Thursday & Friday and also Sunday. If you don't have wind what more can you ask for, 65 and sunny Saturday.

An official recap of the event and awards winners to come shortly.

Thanks to all the sponsors and attendees, I think a good time was had by all.


Posted by: Jontan May 12 2008, 10:53 PM

Great fun. Thanks to all. Can't wait till next time. Thanks John.

And a warm 'thank you' to the drunken fool that damaged my flags. Better believe in Karma.

Posted by: Turtle May 13 2008, 05:57 AM

Jontan, thanks for letting everyone use your MBS landboards for the time trials and throughout the weekend. It was great that you brought them and I know you weren't planning on turning them into demo boards. My son must have went down that hill a 100 times over the course of the weekend.

Did someone wreck your flags? If it was one of us that is BULL SHIT!

I also heard that a lighthouse mailbox that was outside the hotel lobby came up missing. I was packing up on Sunday and one of the employees told me the Hotel Owners wife was crying. I guess it was something very sentimental not just a mailbox. They did not say it was our group, he just asked if I heard anything!

He also said one of the rooms in the hotel was trashed and they are charging for the repairs to the one who booked the room. This was a kiter!

This place was perfect for our event, I hope some dumb asses did not ruin our chances of going back to this resort next year. They can us all a favor and stay home next year.


Posted by: SaulOhio May 13 2008, 02:56 PM

I'm having problems posting pictures to the photo gallery, so I put them on

Here's one of the Ohio kitesurfers' mascot:

Posted by: suckinseawater_merged May 13 2008, 05:51 PM

We had a great time Turtle thanks a bunch the site was great and riding sunday in gales with horizontal rain ranks right up there as one of the stupider things Ive ever done but we had a ball. ! Even my 14 yr old daughter that thinks kite dudes are idiots enjoyed herself once she found a 14 yr old kiter. 48 yr old men should not try and wake board like they are 25 yr old men anymore.
Thanks again

Posted by: Turtle May 16 2008, 12:59 PM

My final entry into this Kite Rave Thread is the attached Event Summary. A blow by blow account of what you missed.

Read all about it!

 Ohio_Kite_Rave_Event_Summary.pdf ( 161.04K ) : 16

Posted by: pursuit17 May 8 2009, 11:55 PM

Will this event or something similar be occuring again (during 2009) in the Sandusky, Port Clinton, Marblehead area?

Posted by: Turtle May 11 2009, 08:57 AM

QUOTE(pursuit17 @ May 9 2009, 12:55 AM) *
Will this event or something similar be occurring again (during 2009) in the Sandusky, Port Clinton, Marblehead area?

We might try and squeeze the Ohio Kite Rave 09 into the Fall Event Schedule, but we will keep you posted.


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