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Posted by: KyleK Jul 10 2007, 11:06 PM

Had a kite wrap up today in some high winds. Turned out okay. These things dont happen often but you've really got to always be ready to instinctively react when they do.

When two (or more?) kites wrap you should prepare yourself to release via chicken loop quick release.
A. If the kites stay airborn for a bit holler to the other kiter "release your kite" if you are able as they might freeze and not react, if you can avoid it you dont just want to let your rig go and have the other guy hooked up to two powered and uncontrolable kites.
B. If the kites wrap and immediately start looping powered use your safety release and let it go.
C. If you release your kite to the leash line and the other kite is still pulling you be prepared to use your secondary leash release to let the whole thing go.

If you're not sure where your quick release or secondary leash release are ask your retailer. If your rig does not have these features get a new rig.

And consistently use your releases, if its on land with the kite not attached or at the end of a session. The more you do it, the more muscle memory and instinct you'll have and the better prepared you'll be to handle an emergency.


Posted by: elkusbry Jul 11 2007, 09:37 AM

Kyle is very right, But from what ive found to be most inportant is to try and stay calm and then think about what the next best move is.

Posted by: Turtle Jul 12 2007, 03:51 PM

I have to say, I ride a lot and have not pulled the releases on my new kites yet. I saw the tangle that Kyle was in and it could have been a real bad situation. Thankfully only some gear got trashed and both are OK.

Another real situation that can occur is being dragged by a boat or Jet Ski. Boaters and even more so jet skiers do not realize the length of the lines and can/have run over them. I was sucked into a Jet Ski impeller my first year kiting and luckily the driver cut the engine about 2 feet before my face got smashed into the back of it.

I plan on pulling and re-setting all my safety systems the next time I am on each of my kites. I hope everyone does the same.

Everyone should have a leash that has a release on one end. If you have an older kite your leash may not have this option. The release end should be attached closest to your body/harness not on the kite end. If it is attached wrong you won't be able to reach it if you are being dragged.

I guess I should check and see if my line knife is in my harness while I am at it.


Posted by: PBR Jul 12 2007, 04:39 PM

A turtle caught up in a jet ski...ends up in a turtle under a jet ski for hours, remember that kids

Posted by: purewind07 Jul 13 2007, 09:00 AM

u should post that video of the accident u had kyle.

Posted by: KyleK Jul 15 2007, 09:27 AM

I dont have the footage and have not viewed it. Possibly the posessor might post it. It would be interesting to see as there have been conflicting accounts as to what transpired. It would be fun to watch as I wait for replacement lines for the two broken ones on my bar (which could have easily been avoided).

Posted by: mta Jul 15 2007, 01:39 PM

As a spectator just in from a 3+ hour session, I noticed that once the sea turtle was in place the kiters were on it like bees to a hive, myself included trying to get in on having one of my lame attempts at jumping recorded on film. I think all blame should be left alone and lets all use this as a lesson that as distractions come up when out on the water , we should be really focused on surroundings and safety. Aside from that incident there were alot of other close calls even though there were only like eight or nine kites on the water at peak. There have literally been days at metro where there have been 18-20 kites on the water without incident. I really feel for the people involved and I'm thankful that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Broken lines and bruised egos are not all that bad considering....which brings me to the next thing, Metro is fast becoming(or already is !) the only legal access site that we have stateside to st. claire and if we're not careful could face undesirable consequences. I know Fellowcountryman and Kyle had started the ball rolling but I would like to suggest in addition to establishing basic rules for kiting at Metro, that we collectively approach the park and ask that we post these rules onto a sign that everyone can read at or near our launch site. I'm sure that the park would even provide the signage if they saw how strongly we ALL feel about this. That is my rant! :evil: Marcus

Posted by: purewind07 Jul 18 2007, 10:16 PM

eric has the footage ask him to post it on youtube

Posted by: kedow Jul 29 2007, 12:21 AM

Regarding releases and testing them.

It is a proven fact that if one mentally reviews and then practices a series or sequence like,

(a) letting go of the bar with both hands,
(cool.gif using both hands to break the chicken loop (Naish)
© knowing exactly where to grab your lease for the quick release so you can release the whole rig if need be. (Nice point about the quick release location John)

you will be able to perform these tasks with a much higher degree of
confidence thus leading you to remain calm (er) under stressful

The result is that if an emergency does occur instead of a feeling a rising panic you can automatically carry out the above actions above since they have recently reviewed and performed.

By breaking the chicken loop and using the leash quick release before you
go out for your first session of the day you not only review the above but you also confirm that they are operating correctly.


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